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USED MKS ENI ACG-5 13.56 MHz RF Power Supply

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Frequency 13.56 MHz
Frequency stability +/-.005% maximum
RF output impedance 50Ω
Power line Power supply taps provided for 200/208/225/240 VAC ±8%, at 8A or less at full power output. Single-phase, 50-60Hz
RF power control Automatically forward power leveled, front panel or external selection
Maximum power output More than 500W into 50Ω
Harmonic distortion All harmonics are more than 55dB below the fundamental. Noise, hum and ripple more than 30dB down at maximum power output.
AC line-to-power regulation 0.25% maximum change in output power for 7.5% change in AC line voltage
Power output meter 0 to 600W with an accuracy of 4% of full scale. Forward and reverse power by switch selection.
Automatic forward power leveling lW to 500W; internally or externally controlled
Power foldback protection Automatic, occurs when reverse power reaches 100W or power amplifier current exceeds preset limit
Pulsed operation Rise time is less than 100µs; RF output may be controlled simultaneously for amplitude and pulse width
Automatic forward power regulation     ±10% of set power for load variations from 1:1 VSWR to ∞:1 VSWR (within foldback limits)
Load mismatch tolerance The unit will operate continuously into any load without oscillation or failure

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USED MKS ENI ACG-5 13.56 MHz RF Power Supply