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PTB Custom Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Systems - Wet - Vane Backing Pump

PTB Sales has a long history of providing Customized Vacuum Subsystem Solutions for our customers. We have a dedicated engineering team that works with each customer to understand specifications and requirements, create a design and build a vacuum subsystem to meet the situation. Our capability to provide the engineering solution you need coupled with our ability to provide high quality new or refurbished vacuum pumps allows us to deliver a total vacuum solution to you!

Questions? Please call our toll free number at 866-332-0500 or send an email to our sales team!


Google Claims Quantum Supremacy

A scientific milestone just published in Nature was made in collaboration with university and research labs.

Google engineers chose PTB Sales to provide a custom turbo vacuum pump system.

We are excited that our system makes a cameo, 2 minutes into the video.

High vacuum solutions are designed for your situation. What vacuum system do you need?

Turbo Cart Vacuum System (TCVS)

The TCVS is a high vacuum mobile system, suitable for a wide array of applications. The TCVS’s mobility easily allows the movement/configuration of the system to your specific needs.

Innovative Features

  • Powered from a single 115 VAC 20-amp receptacle
  • Oil free operation
  • 40 to 1,000 liter/second pumping capability
  • Adjustable shelf allowing for ease of attachment to your chamber
  • Locking casters to secure the TCVS in place
  • Micro controller allowing for custom configurations and interlocks
    • User selectable operation
    • Single button operation for automated pump down
    • The turbo pump will automatically start once the foreline pressure reaches the users predefined setting
    • Single button operation for venting the turbo pump
    • Ability to enable the rough pump independently for added flexibility
  • Hardware and software interlocks to ensure proper shutdown procedure in the event of power disturbances


  • Turbomolecular and roughing pumps sized for your specific application
    • Available in all standard flange sizes
  • Ports with isolation valves can be added for attaching external instrumentation
  • Wide selection of vacuum gauges available to meet your specific requirements

Need modifications to this item? PTB Sales' expert team of engineers can configure products to your specific needs.

PTB Custom Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Systems - Wet - Vane Backing Pump

There are many combinations available. Please contact our sales department for a used OEM system or PTB custom built system. We have a large inventory of turbo pumps and controllers and can build a system for your specific needs.