Kinney A20 - NEW

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Weight 85 lbs
Motor Power 3 HP
Pumping Speed 35 cfm
Ultimate Pressure 2.50 x 101 torr

Kinney A20 Single Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - NEW

A-Series liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed to minimize downtime by allowing for fast in-the-field repair. Time- and money-saving features include:


  • Shaft-mounted assembly for easy alignment and Indicating
  • Modern O-rings and mechanical seals for practically zero leakage and easy replacement
  • Replaceable port cylinder that unscrews from cover and requires no special shimming or adjustment
  • Front-end disassembly for fast access to major internal parts
  • American-made stock parts available for immediate shipment

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Tuthill A20 Single Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - NEW