Kinney KT 850D - NEW

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Weight 4175 lbs
Motor Power 40 HP
Pumping Speed 780 cfm
Ultimate Pressure 1 x 10-2 torr

Kinney KT850D Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump - NEW

The KT-Series pump has an oil circulating pump to provide adequate lubrication at all pressures including atmosphere. The vacuum pump has three cams and pistons pumping in parallel, driven by a common shaft. The cams are positioned on the shaft so as to dynamically balance moving parts to eliminate vibration. We also offer repair service backed by a one year warranty. Mist filters are sold separately.

Motor Power (HP): 40

Ultimate Pressure (Torr): 0.010

Pumping Speed (cfm): 780

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Free air displacement 780 cfm 1,325 m3/h
Motor power 40 HP
Rotation speed 581 rpm
Oil capacity (total/refill) 28/25 gal 106/95 liters
Cooling water at 60°F (16°C) 3.5 gpm 13 l/min
Cooling water inlet connection     3/8" NPT
Suction connection 8" 150 lb ANSI flanged
Discharge connection 5" 150 lb ANSI flanged
Height w/o oil mist eliminator 71 in
Floor space required 38 x 49 in
Weight 4,175 lbs
Ultimate pressure 10 microns
Noise level (typical at .1 torr) 75 dBA
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Kinney KT-850D Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump - NEW

778 cfm / 1,322 m3/h

KT-850 D COMP. TEFC 3/60/230-460