EBARA EV-A06 Air-Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump - NEW

The Model EV-A06 air-cooled dry pump offers high pumping speed (21.6 cfm) and high water vapor pumping (350 g/hr) when used with the optional gas ballast valve. The pump is available with optional casters/levelers.


  • Small air-cooling pump
  • No-contact design
  • High pumping speeds at atmosphere
  • Highest water vapor pumping of any air-cooled dry pump
  • UL, CE, and NRTL rated
  • Single- and three-phase versions available

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Max pumping speed 600 l/min
Atmospheric open pumping speed 480 l/min
Ultimate pressure w/o gas ballast 1.0 Pa
Ultimate pressure w/ gas ballast 10.0
Max inlet pressure Atmospheric pressure
Max water vapor pumping rate 350 g/hr
Inlet connection NW40
Outlet connection NW25
Approx. power at ultimate pressure     0.59 kW
Weight 54 kg / 119 lbs



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EBARA EV-A06 Air-Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump - NEW

EV-A06-1 / EVA061  single-phase 100V
EV-A06-2 / EVA062  1-phase 200V
EV-A06-3 / EVA063  3-phase 200V